Morel Mushrooms

Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Morel Mushrooms What are Morel Mushrooms? Hang tight, as I am writing this blog on morel mushrooms I will spill the beans on how you can fill a cooler and then some!  It all depends on how much time and travel you are willing to commit during the [...]

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2018 Morel Mushroom Season

It is April 17th and it is snowing in Northern Indiana.  The high temp is 40.  There's been a number of frustrated posts or lack of moral, due to lack of morels ( no pun intended lol ).    The good news is - although we are experiencing a late morel mushroom season, so far [...]

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Mushroom Hunting

Mushroom Hunting is not easy, I spent many days in the woods finding only a few morels, or none at all. It was fun to hike all the miles, but frustrating because I really wanted to find enough at least for 1 meal. Every year I would learn something new, I am still learning.. that [...]

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Mushroom Hunting Bag

             .    The most comfortable and practical mushroom hunting bag on the market.   Morel Mushrooms...   Oh My God!  The flavor, they are undeniably delicious! I am an avid Morel Mushroom hunter.    Mushroom hunting, the sport itself is simple at first thought.   But if you break it down, there is a lot to it that [...]

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Every Mushroom Is Edible, Sometimes Only Once

The phrase 'every mushroom is edible, sometimes only once' was taught to me by my grandpa who taught me to mushroom hunt. I grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, which is the capital of Ukraine and home to over five million people. Kiev is a very large concrete city and I was fortunate enough to live [...]

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

It's officially Festival Season, which means that I'll be wandering around several different states setting up my Not All Who Wander Are Lost booth at some of the largest and most popular outdoor festivals! This is a welcome time of year for most people, as the seasons are changing and cooler temperatures bring beautiful fall [...]

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2017 Morel Mushroom Season Prediction

From the looks of things, 2017 will be a very interesting morel mushroom season!   We have had an unusually warm winter, followed by a cool March.   First of all I would like to say that I am extremely pleased with the cool down temperatures.  Morel Mushrooms LOVE a cool spring!   We had [...]

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