Mushroom Hunting is not easy, I spent many days in the woods finding only a few morels, or none at all. It was fun to hike all the miles, but frustrating because I really wanted to find enough at least for 1 meal. Every year I would learn something new, I am still learning.. that never stops. It’s the thrill of the hunt that excites us, would not be fun if we could grow them in the garden lol. Even now, I am chomping at the bit to storm the woods, instead of that- I am rehydrating yet another batch of my dry stash & waiting like a silent assassin, letting them get bigger.. sure, some would be found but once I put all those miles on my feet, I too shall score. First big find of the season lifts up my moral and sets the mood for the rest of the spring     :)

18 Pounds of Morel Mushrooms Under One Tree      Morel Mushroom Motherlode