Morel Mushroom Earrings

//Morel Mushroom Earrings

Morel Mushroom Earrings

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Handmade Morel Mushroom Earrings
Color: Gray/Yellow
Dimensions: 1 inch morel and 1 inch metal wire piece
Materials: Resin, Dremel Tool, Morel Mushroom, Metal Hook
Made in USA


Morel Mushroom Earrings

Morel Hoop Earrings

These Morel Mushroom Earrings look so real.  We make them out of hard durable resin. The Morel itself measures 1 inch & the metal hoop is another inch.
We just came out with this product. My wife wore them out 2 nights ago & said that they were actually pretty light considering the size. She also said she got quite a few compliments from folks that know what morels are.
I told her, its winter & we are all out of morels.. I just wanted to munch on her ears lol 🙂

 We take great pride in our work, offering a line of very unique Morel Mushroom products.
We are happy to add another Morel Mushroom product to our line up for folks to purchase & enjoy, as we are all waiting patiently for spring to arrive with forests filled of mouthwatering fresh morel mushrooms!

We have been selling these morel mushroom products on our website and at some of the biggest festivals and art shows in Midwest.  Here is what some of the customers say after they buy this product:

“Beyond happy with my purchase!  Quality is excellent!  I have had so many compliments on how real these morel mushrooms look once I installed them in my landscape.”    Nikki Hanson from Ohio

“These morel mushrooms look so real!  I am excited to put them in my garden in spring to see if I fool my friends.”  Kari Hume from Michigan

“Fantastic products and very quick shipping!   Once my friends see these morel mushrooms, you guys will back right back at the shop, making more for them. We love morel mushroom hunting, thank you for offering these very unique products.” Lisa Howell from Illinois

We are in love with mushroom hunting & look forward to spring every year to harvest the elusive morel mushrooms. My wife, daughter & I travel from state to state picking them to prolong our season, covering up to 12 states  Shop has been born out of pure desire and dedication to giving our fellow mushroom hunters & nature lovers products to show off and wear proudly!

We are a very small, family-owned mushroom and outdoor gear company, and would greatly appreciate you telling your nature-loving friends and family about our Mushroom Gear Shop.

We strive on being unique and to offer great quality products.

Thank you for visiting our Mushroom Shop!   Happy Mushrooming!

May your skillet stay full this spring!   🙂

Morel Mushrooms




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