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Morel Mushroom Art


  1. Handmade Morel Mushroom Carvings
    Color: Gray/Yellow
    Dimensions: 3 to 3.75inches tall
    Materials: Resin, Dremel Tool, Red Cedar Wood, Morel Mushrooms
    Made in USA


Morel Mushroom Art

Handmade Morel Mushrooms On Red Cedar Slab

These Morel Mushroom Carvings look amazingly real!
We make them out of durable resin.  They are 100 % weatherproof and they last forever!

Size of the morels – 3 inch – 3 3/4 inch.
These life-like Morels are installed on red cedar slabs that I sand and coat with 4 coats of finish to really show that natural burgundy color in that cedar.

Please let me know in notes when you are placing the order if you want the moss or not on the wood piece.  The moss looks nice, but it covers up that beautiful burgundy wood character.

Handmade Morel Mushroom art makes a unique and thoughtful gift for any mushroom hunter or morel mushroom admirer.

We have been selling these morel mushroom products on our website and at some of the biggest festivals and art shows in Midwest.  Here is what some of the customers say after they buy this product:
“This was a gift and he said that it was probably the best gift he’s ever gotten!  I’d take that as a compliment to your designs & quality.  Keep up the great work.”  Cathy Williams from Ohio

“Fantastic products and very quick shipping!   Once my friends see these morel mushroom products you guys will back right back at the shop, making more for them. We love morel mushroom hunting, thank you for offering these very unique products.” Lisa Howell from Illinois

“LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff!  I bought one for myself and one for each of my sisters, they went NUTS…  loved them!  I just love your morel mushroom items!”  Mellie  Durrett-Johnson from Michigan

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Thank you for visiting our shop   :)

Alex Babich

P.S.   tradition – Pas It On

Where to find morel mushrooms .       Where To Find Morel Mushrooms




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