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Mushroom Hunting Sack


  • Mushroom Hunting Bag For Delicate Morel Mushrooms
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 15×17 inches
  • Materials:  Heavy Duty Mesh, Silk Screen Print, Thick Shoulder Strap for Comfort, Morel Mushrooms
  • Made in USA


Mushroom Hunting Sack

Morel Hunting Bag

This is the most practical Mushroom Hunting Bag! With tough mesh fabric and solid bottom, it is specifically designed for picking delicate Morel Mushrooms.

I am an avid Morel Mushroom Hunter. I can honestly say that – this bag is the most comfortable & practical mushroom hunting bag on the market!

This is a 15 x 17 inch mushroom hunting bag made out of tough tear resistant mesh used by scuba divers around sharp reefs. It has a thick, very comfortable, adjustable strap that you can adjust into a handle or over the shoulder bag. We also added the solid bottom to protect the morels, or any other wild mushrooms, from crushing as the bag gets filled. The mesh we use is thicker with smaller holes which also protects your mushrooms from grating, while still spreading the spores as you walk through the woods.

It is proudly made in the USA. I have been working with this company for a while to perfect them, and just got them in right at the peak of my mushroom hunting season. I took a few bags for a test run.. and I am very very happy with how they turned out! I was even lucky enough to fill a bag up under 2 elm trees.

Another awesome feature about this bag is I wore it over my head & shoulder .. as I was picking morels, the bag was right in front of my chest to put the mushrooms in, which freed up both of my hands for picking. And as I moved through the woods at a decent speed the bag hangs just a bit higher which allows me to move fast without smacking the bag around my legs with precious morel mushrooms.

The bag comes with an 8 inch pocket that reads “My Lucky Shrooming Bag”. You can fold the bag & the strap into the pocket for off season storage.

We are very proud of this design and hope you enjoy it as well.
The mesh is needed when you pick morel mushrooms to release the spores so they plant elsewhere and start a new mycelium growth which will keep producing mushrooms in the same area, as well as new areas. Using a mesh bag also keeps your mushrooms fresh. Plastic bags suffocate the precious mushrooms and they will start the spoiling process. Onion and grapefruit bags are not designed for delicate spongy morel mushrooms so they end up grating the morels.

The mesh is very sturdy. We use high quality mesh material so you don’t have to worry about ripping your mushroom bag with precious morel mushrooms in it.
I run through the woods from spot to spot due to the morel season being so short and I don’t want to worry about ripping one of these bags when they snag on any limbs or brush.
These morel mushroom mesh bags are a unique and thoughtful gift.

We have been selling these morel mushroom products on our website and at some of the biggest festivals and art shows in Midwest.  Here is what some of the customers say after they buy this product:
“This was a gift and he said that it was probably the best gift he’s ever gotten!  I’d take that as a compliment to your designs and quality.  Keep up the great work.”  Cathy Williams from Ohio

“Fantastic products and very quick shipping!   Once my friends see these morel mushroom products you guys will back right back at the shop, making more for them. We love morel mushroom hunting, thank you for offering these very unique products.” Lisa Howell from Illinois

“LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff!  I bought one for myself and one for each of my sisters, they went NUTS…  loved them!  I just love your morel mushroom items!”  Mellie  Durrett-Johnson from Michigan

We are in love with mushroom hunting and look forward to Spring every year to harvest the elusive morel mushrooms.  I travel from state to state picking morel mushrooms to prolong the season, and will sometimes cover up to 12 states. has been born out of pure desire and dedication to giving our fellow mushroom hunters and nature lovers products to show off and wear proudly!

We are a very small, family-owned mushroom and outdoor gear company, and would greatly appreciate you telling your nature-loving friends and family about our

We strive on being unique and offering great quality products.

If you haven’t yet, please check out the rest of our – with our other unique Morel Mushroom and Nature Loving products. Also “Friend” or “Follow” me on Facebook, for new products and outdoor adventures!  Or join our Morel Mushroom Facebook Group-  Morchella Connection.

Thank you for visiting our Mushroom Shop.    Happy Mushrooming!

May your skillet stay full this spring!   :)

Alex Babich

Morel Mushroom Hunting




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