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Morel Mushroom Shirt


  • Morel Mushroom Shirt
  • Color: Heather Forest
  • Materials: Cotton, Hand Drawing of Wild Morel Mushrooms, Silk Screen Print


Morel Mushroom Shirt

“On Second Thought – Get Lost”  ( back print )

This Morel Mushroom Shirt says it all.   “Morel Hunting Guide Service” ( Front ).  “On Second Thought – Get Lost” ( Back ). With very cool morel graphics.  This is a favorite morel mushroom shirt for many mushroom hunters.

Front of the shirt design has a big clump of Morel Mushrooms & says- Morel Hunting Guide Service.

Back of the shirt has a muddy boot print approaching a forest with a bunch of morel mushrooms & says- On Second Thought, Get Lost!

Every one knows Morel Hunters are very secretive about their mushroom hunting spots, they don’t spill the beans for a good reason! Morel Mushroom flavor is absolutely amazing!!!

This is one of my original designs that I came up with during one of my mushroom hunting expeditions about 6 years ago. I actually ran into a hunter in the middle of a Michigan forest once wearing this design while mushroom hunting, put a huge smile on my face.

We silk screen print this design onto high quality Gildan & Jerzees.
The earthy tone colors we choose hide dirt well for those who love to hike & don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Pretty cool comfortable fitting, great quality shirt for any occasion.


We have been selling these morel mushroom products on our website and at some of the biggest festivals and art shows in Midwest.  Here is what some of the customers say after they buy this product:

“This was a gift and he said that it was probably the best gift he’s ever gotten!  I’d take that as a compliment to your designs & quality.  Keep up the great work.”  Cathy Williams from Ohio

“Fantastic products and very quick shipping!   Once my friends see these morel mushroom products you guys will back right back at the shop, making more for them. We love morel mushroom hunting, thank you for offering these very unique products.” Lisa Howell from Illinois

“LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff!  I bought one for myself and one for each of my sisters, they went NUTS…  loved them!  I just love your morel mushroom items!”  Mellie  Durrett-Johnson from Michigan


We are in love with mushroom hunting & look forward to spring every year to harvest the elusive morel mushrooms. We travel from state to state picking them to prolong our season, covering up to 12 states.

Morel Mushrooms Etsy Shop has been born out of pure desire and dedication to giving our fellow mushroom hunters & nature lovers products to show off and wear proudly! We are a very small, family owned outdoor gear company and would greatly appreciate you telling your nature loving friends and family about us.

If you haven’t yet, please check out the rest of our Morel Mushrooms Etsy Shop – with our other unique Morel Mushroom & Nature Loving products. Also like our Mushroom Gear page on Facebook

Thank you for visiting Morel Mushrooms Shop and Happy Shrooming!
May your skillet stay full this spring!   :)

Morel Mushrooms


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